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I realize that the blog has been pretty wine heavy lately. One reason is that I’m engrossed in a music editing project for Cengage Learning by day, so it’s kind of nice to dive into wine research by night. But I have some cool music articles on the horizon for the jazz heads especially. In the mean time, I hope some of you will seek out these wines and let me know what you think.

People in the wine industry tend to go through phases: an anti Parker phase, an anti Spectator phase, an anti new world phase, an anti ratings phase. But many share common ground when it comes to which wines fascinate them the most.

Gary Vaynerchuk once said on an episode of Wine Library TV that Riesling is the favorite white wine of the industry. I find there to be some truth to that. When talking with folks from many sides of the industry, our conversations have often been dominated by the wines of Alsace, Germany, and Austria: the Riesling powerhouses. And when it comes to reds, nearly every industry person I’ve met says they’d fill their desert island cellar with Pinot Noir from Burgundy. (more…)


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